The Rafusoft OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) software improves the performance of your resources to maximize your production output. OEE – Machine Monitoring & Status – OPC & OPC UA – PLC


  • Reduced time-to-action with real-time performance feedback.
  • Graphical view of the performance of your plant, department or specific machine or machine group (Machine Monitoring).
  • Automatic collection and aggregation of data, delivered in real-time.
  • Relevant and accurate data at a low cost, with easy and simple connection to machines.
  • Monitoring of improvement activities and their results.
  • Ability to scale your IT landscape as your business evolves and your requirements grow.
Rafusoft OEE helps you benchmark your plant and production processes and identify areas for improvement – all while leveraging your existing assets, resources and infrastructure.
OEE – OPC – OPC UA – PLC – Machine Monitoring – Machine Status


At a glance, you can have the “on-line” status of the machines or the line/machine positions that are handled at the terminal. The Rafusoft OEE screen shows the machine or line’s performance on the shift.

This functionality allows you to monitor real-time machine statuses (which machines are stopped, or operating at reduced or normal speed). It is a robust tool for identifying the exact amount of production losses and their reasons, as well as for calculating and showing the status of the most important KPIs (like OEE), in real-time.

It also allows you to view production operations and schedule execution progress. So on one screen you have detailed information about the production process execution. OEE can also be used to measure and document the improvements achieved by Lean initiatives.


Rafusoft OEE software is easy to install, use and maintain, and delivery of immediate OEE gains of 5%–10% are commonly achieved. Rafusoft Systems has proven successful implementations with a ROI in about 6–12 months. Contact us and we will help you calculate the potential Return Of the Investment in the Rafusoft OEE system or use the ROI calculator, which can be found in the upper right corner of our website.



At Rafusoft Systems, we know that mobile plant monitoring capabilities are becoming increasingly important to our clients. That’s why we created Rafusoft OEE Mobile – a dedicated suite of applications for mobile devices that e.g. displays your current machine statuses from the Rafusoft MES, in an easy-to-read format, or it make registration of Stop and Scrap codes mobile. In the Mobile Rafusoft OEE APP, the status of each machine is listed, and the statuses are labeled and color-coded. The application also includes a column displaying the duration of each status.

The target form OEE is to keep the highest possible availability and performance. Therefor we have develop a Maintenance Alert & Tracking APP suite. This APP suite make it possible to alert the Maintenance department as soon as a machine has a critical stop or damage. The functionality is simple, the shop floor Rafusoft push a button and at the same time the Maintenance employees receive the alert on their Mobile Rafusoft APP with exact information received from the OEE. They can then start a Maintenance workflow and the Rafusoft solution make sure that all activities and events are traced and tracked.

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