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The Rafusoft OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) software is designed to greatly increase the output of your production by improving the performance of your resources. OEE-Machine monitoring and status-OPC&OPC UA-PLC

Main Advantages

  • The Rafusoft OEE software helps to scale up your IT landscape as your company expands and as your needs change.
  • it gives you data that is accurate and relevant at a cheap cost and connects to your machines in an easy and straight-forward manner.
  • it automatically collects and aggregates data that are delivered in real-time.
  • it monitors improvement activities and their outcomes.
  • it greatly reduces time-to-action with feedback of real-time performances.
  • it provides a graphical representation of performance of plant, department or specific machine or groups of machines i.e machine monitoring.
Rafusoft OEE enables you to benchmark plant and processes of production and spot out areas that needs to be urgently improved upon while maximally utilizing you the remaining assets, infrastructures and resources available to you.
OEE – OPC – OPC UA – PLC – Machine Monitoring – Machine Status


A quick view of the screen of the Rafusoft OEE displays the machine or line’s performance on the shift. It displays the status of very machine positions that are handled at the terminal.

This feature enables you to oversee live status of machines( whether in downtime or operating at a normal or reduced pace.) Hence, this software enables you to identify the precise quality of losses as well as accompanied reasons such losses incurred during production. In addition, this tool shows the real-time status of relevant Key Performance Indicators such as OEE. Furthermore, Rafusoft OEE provides a quick glance of the progress of scheduled executions as well as production operations. Lastly, it measures and documents the improvements achieved by lean initiatives.


Rafusosft OEE software has a track-record of successes in implementing accurate ROI within 6-12 months. it delivers a quick OEE profits of about5%-10% and it is easy to install use and maintain. You can use the ROI calculator at the upper right corner of our website or reach out to us directly to help to calculate your expected ROI.



We are aware of the growing relevance of monitoring your plant’s operations with easy-to-use gadgets such as mobile phones. Rafusoft has created a suite of applications that displays a well formatted status of your machines from Rafusoft MES. It is easy to read as the status of each machine is listed, labelled and beautifully color-coded. it also makes registration of stops and scrap codes mobile. In addition, the mobile software shows the duration of each status captured on a column.

we have also developed a Maintenace Alert and tracking suite that keeps track of the performance and availability of machines. This data would help the Maintenance department when a machine stops or is damaged. The suite’s functions are very easy to use. When the shop floor staff pushes a button, the employees at the Maintenance will receive the alert on their mobile Rafusoft App. The information received will definitely be the same as the information received from the OEE software. This information will prompt a Maintenance workflow and events and activities will be traced and tracked by the solution provided by the Rafusoft solution.

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