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Cobra scans your files, links, and hashes for viruses.

Powerful Automated Malware Analysis

For checking threats, you can scan suspicious files and hash data here. Uploading a file will automatically upload it to a dedicated server for scanning by Cobra Antivirus and other top-rated antivirus software.

Overview of Antivirus SDK Cobra

Cobra AV SDK based on dynamic and static code analysis technique, and achieves top level in the technical field. It is based on new detection technology, doesn't include virus signature database, takes up less system resources, has high detection accuracy and is capable of detecting new unknown viruses on the internet without upgrading. Cobra AV not only automatically realizes detection of malicious files like trojan, virus, worm, spyware, etc. but also deeply analyzes encrypted, packed and deformed malicious code, accurately locates malicious behavior of program and reports virus family and variants according to current virus naming rules. This is better than simple analysis or shell reports of general heuristic scan and maintains at a low false positives rate. Cobra AV can detect new variants of virus family already known or unknown new virus family without upgrading. Its heuristic ability has reached world-class anti-virus software, such as Avest, ESET NOD32, AVG, etc.

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