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The Rafusoft job scheduling and planning module displays live summary of the production plans of our clients. It is a system that has been created to work well with our client’s planner. This tool allows our customers to meet their production goals in a very short time coupled with high efficiency by breaking down operations by time or resources. Also, the Rafusoft job scheduling and planning tool outlines a sequential layout of operations and the planning functions.

Main Advantages

  • The Rafusoft job scheduling and Planning tool helps in real-time monitoring of machine downtime and usage.
  • It controls the execution of production processes and optimizes the use of very important resources.
  • It reduces production time without changing the current resource capacities.
  • It spots probable challenges and recommends solutions for the most efficient sequence of execution.
  • It predicts production materials or tools needed for future use.
The Rafusoft scheduling module is created to optimize the capacity of a resource or department with equal number of resources using its robust planning practice.


Third-party software, such as ERP, APS, SCADA, or PLM systems, are fully integrated with the Rafusoft Job Scheduling module. This empowers planners with a special chance to monitor and quickly respond to emergency situations in real time. All changes affected by the scheduling board are eventually transferred to the ERP system from the shop floor of Rufasoft system.

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