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Game development needs invincible passion, which we have. We are the best game development company. Contact now to develop your Game.

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A good website can generate an unmatched business opportunity. We have designed 100+ websites till date and have mastered the art of web designing. Get in touch...

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Have an awesome idea about a mobile app which can be really useful to billions of mobile phone users? Not sure how to develop it? Let's talk...

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We understand the latest trends in UI/UX design. Our expertise in UI/UX design helps our clients get the best of the projects we take up. Interested?

Rafusoft Conceptuation
Jointly, we dissect your concept and figure out what to get out of the product.

Rafusoft Conceptuation
Design & Development
Armed with the inputs, our team swiftly swings into action. The Embryo stage.
Rafusoft Conceptuation
Requirement Finalization
Next, we draw outlines and agree upon what the final product should look like.

Rafusoft Conceptuation
QA & Testing
The no-mercy, zero-tolerance stage. We check for all possible areas of improvements.
Rafusoft Conceptuation
Milestone Creation
Now, we jointly set up milestones. Milestones benchmark the project’s progress.

Rafusoft Conceptuation
Final Delivery
Without any compromises anywhere, we stick to the "In time. Every time." rule.

Why Rafusoft?

We've been in IT outsourcing business for more than a decade. Over this time we gained invaluable experience in establishing succesful cooperation with western clients. One of the key factors in doing so is smart and highly qualified specialists we offer. So when you start working with us, saving money is only half of the benefits you get, and another, not less important, half is high quality of the work we do.

rafaet hossain ( ceo )

Rafusoft was started by Rafaet Hossain in 2010 and since then it has grown to 100 people

"Our task is not over when we have found a programmer for the customer. It has only just started. "

Many of our customers have never outsourced before. Now they want to try it and they need much more than recruitment. We help to establish processes and tools in the company. It can, for example, be SCRUM process, issue tracking and version management systems, wireframing and collaboration tools, etc.

Providing software development and Security services for a wide range of platforms.


Rapid application development adopting material design guidelines.

Web / Desktop

Improve business efficiency by replacing complex manual tasks and connect up systems to reduce errors.

User Experience

User experience is key, before starting any project we will discuss and agree the best method of achieving your goals.

Dedicated team

at the lowest possible price

Set up your own team. We provide recruitment, administration and take care of all daily routine, so that you can focus on development. It can be combined with resources from Projects Department.

Minimum 1 employee for 3 months.

Project basis

for fixed price or on time basis

Have a project? We help with wireframes, design and development. For fixed price when possible. Or on time basis with the hourly rate of 20-30 EUR, depending on

Typical project size: 200-1,000 hours.


Rafusoft has shown an excellent understanding of our Server system with an intuitive grasp of the commercial values. We are very happy with his work and will use his time again.

John Robert Porter Dodson Solicitors

Richard worked on a number of large projects including our Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration, virtualisation planning & implementation and various business intelligence/development requirements. He has an excellent working knowledge of the legal industry and this is shown through in the way he carries out his work. Richard understands the pressures businesses are under and using his skills in both infrastructure and development produces business solutions rather than just fixing problems.

Simon Clarke - IT Director at Michelmores LLP


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Rafaet Hossain Rafu
Rafaet Hossain Rafu
Senior Systems Engineer

“Having worked in a variety of technology roles for over 15 years I decided to go it alone and bring my knowledge and expertise to


We have a small team of developers and contractors actively working on a variety of different customer development