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Rafusoft Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a tool that gives you access to all data that are germane to the production processes. it automatically sources data from production resources and collates them into a single interface so you can keep track of them.

Major Advantages

  • The Rafusoft SPC focuses on the operations of the business as well as areas of the business that need urgent improvements.
  • The Rafusoft SPC ensures that process values are continually monitored against target values and warning/error limits.
  • it ensures that specific aspects of the processes of production are tracked and analyzed.
  • it spots and accurately provides precise solutions to problems.
  • process-related data collection can now be automatically recorded and aggregated.
  • it spontaneously develops the capabilities of companies.

Rafusoft SPC is designed to keep your production operations running continuously at full potential by ensuring detailed monitoring and controlling of process values. This software minimizes waste, rework or scrap since it is built to optimize production processes. Hence, Rafusoft SPC allows you to make decisions on accurately gathered facts from statistical data collected in real-time.


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