Rafusoft SPC automatically gathers data from various production resources. However, it is not just a simple machine monitoring tool. With Statistical Process Control (SPC), you have a single point of access to all information relevant to the production process.


The Rafusoft SPC module is embedded within one standard manufacturing monitoring client application. It offers users access to real-time data, which can be displayed directly within a user’s workstation consoles or on a Rafusoft Mobile APP. Rafusoft SPC can be applied to any process in which the product output (specifications) can be measured. The SPC adds value by allowing for the examination of the parts of processes that may conceal sources of variation in product quality.

Key benefits:

  • Continuously monitor process values against target values and warning/error limits.
  • Automatically record and aggregate process-related data collection
  • Identify and correct faults without relying on guesswork and assumptions.
  • Dynamically improve process capabilities.
  • Monitor and analyze specific parts of the production process.
  • Focus on business operations and areas needing improvement

By monitoring and controlling the process values, the SPC module ensures that your production continuously operates at its full potential. The Rafusoft SPC enables optimization of production with the minimum of waste, rework or scrap.
Rafusoft SPC allows you to make decisions based on facts and real-time statistical data.


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