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There is a common challenge received through manufacturers activities across various industries. It is the challenge of meeting up with the rising quality standards of products. Hence, new approaches to enhancing quality must be developed and adopted to meet client’s demands. Quality management methods such as six sigma and ISO 9000 are increasingly adopted to cut cost, reduce cycle times and enhance the quality of products and processes.

The Rafusoft QA ensures that the quality of products as well as the process meets pre-defined measures set by customers, authorities and internal standards. It documents quality of products and processes according to some standard rules and ensures all process and products are subject to checks and mandatory approvals. In addition, the Rafusoft QA contains sample plans for each product, setup of test specs , an in-production sample testing/reporting and sample collection for laboratory testing.


The Rafusoft Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of Rafusoft MES unified solution. The Rafusoft QA offers a plethora of benefits captured within the scope of its purpose. It ensures a seamless execution of quality assurance task in production. It also guarantees quality products efficiency in production creating paperless quality management process and eliminating irrelevant steps. For industries that require high quality such as food industries, this functionality of Rafusoft QA is designed to foster a close working relation with their customers.

Rafusoft QA documents the quality of the products produced according to the requirements set by the customers, authorities and internal standards.

The QA process is defined by a number of quality checks and mandatory approvals to ensure the quality process has been followed during the production proces.

QA includes setup of test specifications and sample plans per product, in-production sample testing and reporting and sample collection for laboratory testing.



The Rafusoft QA modules stands tall among other solutions system as it synchronizes with existing PLM and ERP systems to an extent that is not attainable by other solution systems. It provides a consistent quality metrics across your business that will increase overall quality of production process, ongoing works and finished goods. So, do not panic, all your quality programs will be consistently ensured across your business.

Finally, Rafusoft QA ensures quality and efficiency in your everyday production task by adopting a paperless and integrated process. Hence, it completely replaces the old and complicated paper dependent QA processes.


The Rafusoft Quality intelligence gives you a concise view of quality data which you can use to priotize efforts that continually improves on quality of process, operations and products. Relevant quality issues such as excessive scrap levels, poor supplier performance manufacturing process variability and product non-conformance can easily be identified, investigated and addressed using our quality intelligence. Solutions or reports are handled by production Quality laboratory or others. Hence, the Rafusoft delivers a complete end-to-end analytic solution that covers a wide range of reports used to solve seemingly insurmountable quality problems related to production.


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