In many industries, a demand for traceability is essential, whereas in others the demand is increasing and for some it can be a competitive differentiator. To be able to support trace you need to ensure that all used materials, machines, manpower, facility conditions like temperature or humidity are registered and controlled throughout the entire process.



The Rafusoft system supports full traceability. It is secured during the production execution by scanning all raw materials, and secure that lot or batch numbers are generated and linked to the production order, and labels are printed. Furthermore, Rafusoft assures that quality is checked, tested and validated against defined measures, from goods receive and until the final product is dispatched to the customer.

If something is not according to standard or measures, goods are rejected for scrap or rework or should a claim arise later, you will be able to track back to the incoming raw materials, machines, shifts, to be able to only react on the specific lot or batch that are impacted. This will save your time and money, and it will secure that you can prove to the customers that you have full control according to agreed standards.

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