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It is not a hidden truth that the resources in a manufacturing business need to be properly tracked and traced. This has made traceability highly sought after, especially by industry players and experts. Resources such as machines, used materials, manpower and other facility conditions (such as humidity or temperature) must be registered and controlled in order for proper traceability functions can be implemented.



Our system fully supports traceability of resources. It scans all raw materials and assigns lot or batch numbers to each production order which are printed as labels during production execution. In addition, the Rafusoft system ensures that before final products are sent to clients, they are properly checked and tested for quality assurance and validated against some predefined standards.

In cases where goods are rejected for scrap or there is need for goods to be reworked or perhaps a claim arises afterward because of a drift from agreed standard measures, the company can implement traceability actions that will trace the line of production by tracking all raw materials, machines, shifts or specific lots or batch numbers that were affected in the course of production. Hence, you will save your time, money and strengthen your reputation before your customers.

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