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Raipur Electronics is one of the top Electronics shops in Dinajpur Bangladesh. This is the oldest shop in Dinajpur and doing business for 30 years. Raipur Electronics is giving business services all over Dinajpur Sardar including outside of Dinajpur Sadar. Here are various kinds of electronic products available like fans, tv, lights, led lights, electric cables, electrical tools, etc. There are wholesale products available.

Electronic Products

Electronic Products

Electronic Products

If you want a soothing and cooling environment in everyday life Raipur Electronics fan is there. It offers all types of fans such as stand fans, table fans, exhaust fans, and ceiling fans. 

The roads and houses are connected with different types of cables which are connecting a lot of houses with electricity and other types of connections. You can collect cables of the highest quality to ensure the best and most secure connectivity.

There are a lot of collections of electric bulbs, LED lights, switches, holders, multi plugs, 2pins, testers, etc.

You can visit the Raipur Electronics shop for the price and details of the electric products.


Shop Name: Raipur Electronics & General Store

Address: Jail Road Dinajpur, 5200

Hours: (Saturday-Thursday) (10:00am - 9:45pm) | Friday (Closed)

Phone: 01711062662

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