Best Food Delivery App Developer In Bangladesh: 5 Benefits Of Owning A Food Delivery Mobile App

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mobile app solution BangladeshMy Hunger story

Back then in Bangladesh, on a hot sultry Sunday afternoon, I was awoken by a strange hunger pang. Worst of all, I felt absolutely lazy to even get out of bed let alone to cook a meal. Coincidentally, I noticed a push notification on my phone about fast food delivery service.


“Thank God” I soliloquized. I hurriedly clicked on the notification; I was redirected to book a meal. The meal was delivered to my apartment after 20 minutes thereabout. I fell in love with the restaurant delivery service which just saved me from the hands of a dreadful hunger pang. Immediately I thoughtfully reflected on George Bernard Shaw’s famous quote about food which says,


“There is no sincere love than the love of food.” The image that your lover is comfortably resting in the serene bosom of your heart. Wow ! that is the exact experience that a mobile food ordering app brings to your customers.


Startling Mobile users stats by Bankmycells

According to bankmycells, there are about 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world. And considering the indisputable fact that most people go about their daily activities with their phones in their pockets, there is, therefore, a huge mole of opportunities that is available to the restaurant businesses in Bangladesh and the food industry worldwide.



Mobile app development technology has been the watchword for most big players in the food industry in recent decades. As a mabtter of fact, a recent survey by Statista revealed that the majority of diners use restaurant mobile apps to view menus and pricing (55%), search for deals (38.2%), order food online (30%), and make reservations (23.8%).


This is because customer service and customer experiences have greatly improved and enhanced with the advent of mobile apps development. In view to catching up with the demands of restaurant industries, many mobile applications have been developed that allow customers to easily make reservations, order take-outs, update dining preferences, and more.

The Big Question with Big Benefits

It is apparent that mobile app technology is in desperate demand in the restaurant industry. But the real question is… is it worth investing in restaurant mobile app technology for your food business? Let’s take a look at the 5 stark benefits of using mobile app technology In a food ordering or delivery business or restaurant business in Bangladesh and globally and how they can boost your monthly sales.


 1. To easily reach targeted customers by geo-location

software technology rafusoftThis is a geo-location marketing technique that is used by astute restaurant owners in Bangladesh to reach customers that are very close to their local business venue. Most restaurant owners in Bangladesh can now precisely target new and existing customers by using technologies such as Beacon-based technology and GPS to lure customers that are within physical proximity.


For instance, one of the restaurants in London, the Bookatable app, embraced the Beacon-based technology in sending push notifications to customers that were within a 50m radius in order to offer them deals that they cannot resist. In doing so, they expedited customers’ decision-making processes, especially for customers in Bangladesh, that are looking to have a bite but didn’t know which restaurant to visit. Bookatable was able to record a huge turnover and exponentially increased visitors to their restaurants.


2. To attract old and new customers through loyalty and referral discount programs

enjoy your friend after making mobile appIt’s a valid fact that customers are more likely to download your mobile app if you present an exclusive offer to them. Every customer is slavishly attracted to discount offers or free deals which can eventually boost leads and conversion in any business venture.


For instance, Pizza Ranch was able to increase its ROI by 780% when it ran a promotion that double the credit points of loyal customers. Also, Starbucks incentivized their customers by allowing them to earn stars which can be used for other rewards. This had a huge positive impact on the business.




3. Increase spending powers amongst Millennials in Bangladesh

Save money in development mobile appAccording to food tech connect, 98% of people between 18 to 34 years of age would love to pay a bill again through mobile apps after an initial try. Furthermore, 35% like to place their orders on smartphones or tablets, while 40 % would prefer payment through mobile gadgets over other methods or means, especially for restaurant business services.


Hence it is obvious that a restaurant mobile app would increase the spending power of most millennials. This is good business insight for restaurant owners for are looking forward to boosting profits.



 5. Boost social sharing and eventually profits

Boost social mediaOne undeniable advantage of integrating a restaurant app into your restaurant business is the ease with which customers can leave a review on review sites and social media especially when you offer them loyalty reward points for sharing or reviewing. Your business reputation, proof, and trust on social media can be overwhelmingly and exponentially boosted when customers share their positive experiences through your restaurant mobile application.



For instance, if you run a slot reservation, online order services, or mobile payments, you can implore customers to leave a good review after one or two successful transactions.

 Final Thoughts
Here is a little secret for you.

We, at Rafusoft software development company, are aware of your need to triple the monthly sales in your restaurant. We are the best food delivery app developer in Bangladesh and have the best software development team to satisfactorily meet your targets.


It’s not a hidden truth that over 90% of restaurants did not have a mobile app two years ago. This inadvertently means that if you make a flash decision to develop a restaurant app now, you are already aiming to be among the top 10% of the restaurants in your area.


We also know that it’s an onus task to keep up with the busy schedule of running a restaurant business and developing a mobile application. That is why we have set up a system at Rafusoft that automates your business to ensure that all the benefits aforementioned can be your new normal in your restaurant business. We would create a user-friendly restaurant mobile app for free and you would pay a dime until you are ready to use it or launch it.


Without delay, check it out...

And if you want to learn how to start a software company in Bangladesh or any country at all, that can efficiently run any kind of business, check here.

Best Food Delivery App Developer In Bangladesh: 5 Benefits Of Owning A Food Delivery Mobile App

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