Bangladesh As A Significant Software Exporter

Bangladesh As A Significant Software Exporter

Despite having a great giant technology advanced neighbor to compete, Bangladesh is emerging as a new hub of software solutions.

With the improving infrastructure, Bangladesh is striving hard to become a significant software exporter.

IT companies in Bangladesh started to get noticed for exporting software in the 1990s after joining business process outsourcing. Since then, many of them have become the leading companies on the world IT map.

One of such companies that gained recognition and respect due to its high quality and hard work is Rafusoft.

What is Rafusoft?

Based in the city of Dinajpur in northern Bangladesh, Rafusoft was first a small enterprise of visionary developers.

Over the years, the company has developed to become a role model for other start-ups. The professionals at Rafusoft have made sure to be the best software company in Bangladesh by their hard work and insight.

Rafusoft provides all kinds of software, web and mobile application solutions, along with graphic design, and web design. Rafusoft deals with both local and international clients.

Now the company has spread its wings by providing its services worldwide with main clients in Australia, the USA, Belgium. The company has regional offices in these countries along with headquarters in Belgium. To reach Asian customers, Rafusoft also has an office in Vietnam.

3Es at Rafusoft:

Rafusoft strives hard for excellence. The company has based its innovative services on
3 Es:

• Excellent project management,
• Effective communication,
• Endless innovative technologies.

Why is Rafusoft the best software company in Bangladesh?

To be the best software company in Bangladesh, Rafusoft offers a number of benefits to satisfy its customers. Here are a few of them to understand why Rafusoft is a leader among its competitors.

Reasonable hourly cost:

The labor cost in developing countries like Bangladesh is fairly reasonable. So making use of this fact, the company provides high standard work at very competitive prices.

The client is the top priority:

When the client hires Rafusoft, the teams prioritize the client’s ideas and his business purpose. After understanding the client’s requirements, the team approaches the client with a solution based on the latest technology.

Close collaboration with the client:

The client is kept in the loop of the development process. Unlike other companies, the client at Rafusoft is updated on every step of the development process for complete customer satisfaction.

Team structure:

At Rafusoft, the teams are compiled based on the nature of the project. Every project is unique, so the team is made with members having the best matching skill set for the project. This small step brings excellent results in a friendly work environment and the
perfect end product.

The best developers in the market:

Rafusoft offers the best services due to its competent team members. The developers at Rafusoft are not only experienced but also stay up to date on the latest trend going around the world.

End-to-end Development solution:

Rafusoft has an innovative business model targeted to the ultimate client satisfaction. The company assists in every step of the development process. From concept and strategy to design and implementation, every part is completed with professional efficiency and aesthetically.

The customer support is always available for the client to choose the best solution to achieve their business goal.

Graphic design along with software solutions:

Rafusoft provides advanced solutions not only limited to IT, web, and software solutions. The company’s graphic design department is technically and aesthetically most advanced in Bangladesh.

The graphic design teams are also on top of the latest visual trend in the market and are experts in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Corel, and Sketch.

The graphics design creates the simplest of logos to technically advanced website design for clients throughout the world.

With the client’s consent, the company prepares for wireframes, layouts, workflows, site maps, and even more according to the latest technology and client’s demand. Till now, the company has built thousands of images in the client’s mind into reality.

The future at Rafusoft:

Rafusoft ranks as the best software company in Bangladesh due to its high professionalism and quality. Now the people of Rafusoft have set their goal to become the world’s top software company. No doubt, with the level of hard work the company is investing in, the goal is very near to achieve.

Bangladesh As A Significant Software Exporter

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